Hi! My name is Xiulin Yang and I'm currently a first-year PhD student learning Computational Linguistics at Georgetown University, advised by Professor Nathan Schneider . Before that, I have been lucky to work with Dr. Jamie Findlay and Professor Hanne Eckhoff at Oxford, Professor Alexander Koller at Saarland and Professor Johan Bos at Groningen.

My primary interest lies in Computational Linguistics, NLP, Sytnax, and its interface with Semantics. I'm excited to explore how syntax informs and constrains semantics. I also wonder how much a machine can grasp meaning through deep learning and how we can improve its performance. I believe linguistics can provide inspirations to build more explainable and robust neural language models in the way that it helps people be aware of the limitation and strengths of both symbolic and neural approaches in linguistics research and AI applications.

More specifically, I'm happy to work on: coreference resolution, meaning representation, semantic parsing, UD, LFG, compositional generalization, neural-symbolic approaches. I'm also happy to explore new areas!

When I'm not in front of the screen, you can find me bouldering/wall-climbing, reading (I'm a big fan of science fictions!), or sleeping (then please me alone 😌).